Test Automation and Management

Conducting IT projects nowadays without a systematic test management is unthinkable– tests are absolutely essential to ensure a high quality of the final product and to cope with the ever increasing complexity. Since the establishment of agile project management methods such as Scrum, which go hand in hand with shorter iterations, automated tests have proven to be a useful addition. This way, at the end of the project, there is a product with which we – and above all: you! – are satisfied.

Our services

  • Consulting e.g. in the definition of primary test goals and strategies, allocation of resources, etc. and full support of the test process according to ISTQB standard
  • Consulting on test management and test automation tools
  • Adaptation of the test process in Agile and Scaled Agile software development projects
  • Creation and evaluation of automated test cases as well as setup and operation of test infrastructure

Tech Stack

Reference projects

DEUTSCHE TELEKOM Rakuten, tolino

The digital book trade is becoming more and more important – today, digital eBook readers are indispensable. Together with Deutsche Telekom (sold to Rakuten Kobo in 2017) and multiple German booksellers (including Thalia, Hugendubel and Weltbild), axxessio has been working on the development of the tolino product family since 2010. First, the consultancy build the Telekom-owned online kiosk PagePlace, then the entire tolino-ecosystem. axxessio not only advised its customer strategically, but also supported the project management, was actively involved in the development of all eReaders and tablets, the Android and iOS Apps and the HTML5 client – in quality assurance, test conception and manual/automatic tests, and the entire rollout process.
Reference projects


„Hallo Magenta“ is the magic word that breathe life into the new smart speaker from Deutsche Telekom - Europe's first intelligent speaker. As a longstanding partner and service provider of Deutsche Telekom AG, a team from axxessio actively supported the implementation of the product. With the Smart Speaker you can not only control telecom services such as MagentaTV or Magenta SmartHome via voice recognition, but also play music by shouting, make shopping and to-do lists without pen and paper, dial phone calls with your voice and much more! Data protection is a top priority for the voice assistant: data is only processed within the European Union; namely under the high data protection guidelines of Deutsche Telekom. The Smart Speaker is available on site in the electronics store and online.

Reference projects


The digital book trade is becoming more and more important – today, digital eBook readers are indispensable.

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SmartVoiceHub (SVH)

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