Melitta creates a product data highway to retail with pirobase PIM


Melitta Europe



Melitta's digital revolution: Increasing efficiency in global product data management

Melitta Europe, a leading provider of coffee enjoyment and household products, has taken on the challenge of modernizing product data management for trade. With the transition to pirobase PIM, the company enables a uniform publication of product data across its European subsidiaries through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). This change not only streamlines processes and improves data quality, but also establishes a central point of contact for all product information. The implementation of pirobase PIM underscores Melitta's commitment to innovation and efficiency, sets new standards in product data management, and improves its market position and customer satisfaction in the EMEA region.

In the ever-changing world of coffee, Melitta Europe GmbH & Co. KG plays a leading role in innovation and digital transformation. With a long tradition in coffee enjoyment and household products, Melitta faced a major challenge: modernizing product data management across its extensive network of European subsidiaries. The goal was clear - to ensure a harmonization of the publication of product data through the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) to ensure uniformity and accuracy across all sales and trade partners.

The automated exchange of product information allows us to significantly reduce manual effort in maintaining and publishing product data. In addition, pirobase is extremely adaptable, so we can fully map our complex product hierarchies and logics.

In close collaboration with pirobase PIM, Melitta embarked on a journey to automate and standardize this process, utilizing machine-to-machine communication. This partnership was crucial and brought pirobase's expertise in creating a flexible, high-quality data model that was seamlessly integrated into Melitta's business IT systems, including key systems like SAP. The collaboration was a testament to pirobase's ability to provide not only software solutions, but also comprehensive services, including cloud hosting and data management.

The path taken was multifaceted, aiming to create a "single point of truth" for product data in nine European subsidiaries. This change promised not only increased efficiency through automation, but also marked a significant reduction in manual processes - a testament to the strategic foresight of both Melitta and pirobase. By integrating Digital Asset Management systems like Pixelboxx, Melitta further optimized the management of media files, thereby improving the quality and accessibility of product information.

The success of this collaboration was evident in the tangible results: a consistent and high-quality presentation of Melitta products at all trade partners, enabled by automated data publication. This strategic step not only strengthened Melitta's operational efficiency, but also solidified its commitment to long-term digital innovation. The transformation went beyond mere automation; it promoted a new way of thinking and working within the company, in line with the broader digital customer journey that Melitta strives for all coffee lovers.

Melitta's journey with pirobase PIM is an impressive narrative of embracing digital transformation in the face of growing market demands. It underscores the company's commitment to not only short-term solutions, but a sustainable, long-term vision that harmonizes product communication in a wide and diverse landscape.