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The axxessio group of companies is a leader in the realisation of digital transformations. Our success is based on our innovative strength and our passion for IT.

Close collaboration with our customers is a key concern for us. Many of our customers are long-standing partners whose growth and efficiency we actively support. We digitalise business processes together and create new sales potential through innovative services.

We are driven by the success of our customers, which we promote both nationally and internationally.

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axxess2Security - Play it safe

Companies' IT security often has vulnerabilities that can cause serious problems. From October 2024, the EU's revised NIS 2 Directive will come into force in Germany. This directive obliges companies to carry out comprehensive security measures such as risk and network analyses in order to improve their IT security.

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Government & AI

In this episode of axxess2Experts, our CEO Prof Dr Goodarz Mahbobi talks to Thomas de Maizière. What impact will AI have on the state and, above all, how can the public sector best support German SMEs?

20240403 Smartcallassistant
Artificial Intelligence

AI Smart Call Assistant

AI Smart Call Assistant is a voice AI assisted service that bridges the drawbacks of synchronous telephone communication.

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Cyber security - serious threat or exaggerated danger

In our interview series, we talk to exceptional personalities about current topics. Our CEO Prof. Dr Goodarz Mahbobi analyses the topic of cyber security with Manuel 'HonkHase': Is it a serious threat or perhaps an exaggerated danger?

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Artificial Intelligence

The AI engineer

Create a realistic building visualisation simply by entering your voice! Designing a house has never been so easy.

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Artificial Intelligence

axxessio INSIGHTS: Natural Language Processing

Voice assistants and chatbots, powered by Natural Language Processing and Understanding, are revolutionizing business and daily life. From call centers to comprehensive linguistic analysis and sentiment interpretation, these technologies are reshaping communication.

Digital Innovation

axxessio Insights – Inside METAVERSE

Many have already heard about it. Some talk about it. Some have already been inside. METAVERSE is here to stay. New trends and technologies are part of our DNA. Our aim is to understand new technologies and make the best possible use of them for our customers.

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axxessio acquires a stake in Infolytics AG

axxessio GmbH acquires a stake in Infolytics AG, thereby gaining 25 software experts in the development of customized solutions based on open source technologies and the use of highly specialized database and search engine technologies.


Metadata risks - and how to protect them with imperia CMS

Metadata has become an integral part of the digital world. It enables better searching and categorization of data, but is also a security risk, especially with regard to data protection regulations. In this article, you will find out what types of metadata there are and what risks they entail.

Digital Transformation

Municipal digitalization: best practices for modern e-government

The digital presence of municipalities on the web is now a natural part of everyday life for most citizens. Cultural and recreational offers, ordering IDs, or even applying for building permits: Municipal digitalization enables easy and reliable contact with public administration.

Content Management System (CMS)

Headless CMS: Top criteria for developers and content managers

The landscape of content management systems (CMS) has changed significantly in recent years due to the digital transformation. Companies are looking for new approaches to make their content production processes more agile, with the aim of creating modern digital experiences for different interest groups across all channels.

Content Management System (CMS)

What companies should look out for when choosing their CMS

The challenges of increasing visibility, strengthening image and of course generating leads, new customers and more sales put companies under pressure to publish relevant content for their stakeholders as quickly and effectively as possible.


axxessio acquires pirobase imperia

axxessio GmbH, headquartered in Bonn, signed a purchase agreement on May 5 and acquired pirobase imperia GmbH, based in Cologne. Pirobase imperia is a leading German provider of content management and product information management systems. The acquisition of the company expands the axxessio Group to over 300 employees.