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axxessio stands for innovative IT consulting and products for a successful digital future.


axxessio offers extensive IT security services. These range from consulting to the creation and review of security concepts to the implementation of security components and training.


Consulting on IT security aspects

axxessio offers specialist advice on optimizing IT security, which aims at building robust IT infrastructures as well as securing individual systems and integrating security aspects into software development processes.


Creation and review of IT security concepts

The team supports the development and critical evaluation of comprehensive security strategies to effectively protect IT systems and data.


Implementation of security components in software projects

axxessio helps with the introduction of special security features in software solutions, which can range from the integration of advanced encryption techniques to the establishment of access controls.


Training on IT security topics

axxessio offers training for technical personnel to deepen their knowledge in the field of IT security and create a higher awareness of security risks.


Using our proven approach, we show the potential for AI in your company. 

A comprehensive analysis is the best starting point for your AI projects:


  1. AI use cases and decision automation
    Identification of use cases for the use of Artificial Intelligence and the automation of decisions

  2. Roadmap development for AI projects
    Development of a roadmap for the implementation of the respective ideas

  3. System design and technology consulting
    Consulting on the design and setup of relevant system landscapes (including consulting on technologies)

  4. Data analysis for model development
    Analysis of data sets to identify relationships and development of models to use the identified relationships

  5. Implementation of AI-driven systems
    Implementation of systems that automate decisions based on Artificial Intelligence


Cloud computing reduces costs while enabling the use of modern IT services such as artificial intelligence.

Five steps to a modern cloud solution


Inventory and analysis

Analysis of the existing infrastructure


Migration strategy and planning

Creation of a detailed migration plan


Carrying out the migration

Preferably migration to Azure PaaS services, also lift-and-shift migration to Azure Virtual Machines


Testing and validation

Checking the functionality and performance of the migrated systems


Training and support

Training on managing the new Azure environment

The CMS solutions from pirobase and imperia ensure emotional and effective content

imperia CMS

With imperia's headless content management, you offer your web developers maximum freedom while simultaneously enabling the operation of many channels. The CMS acts as a pure editorial system, stores structured content and exports it via APIs. This efficient division of tasks allows editors to focus on content creation, while developers have unrestricted design freedom for the output channels.

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pirobase CMS

With pirobase CMS we develop software directly at the pulse of the users. Regular user studies give us insights into the wishes and requirements of our pirobase CMS users, so that we understand their needs when dealing with digital content.

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pirobase PIM as Single Point of Truth for product data

Consistent product data is essential for efficient work and positive customer experiences. pirobase PIM not only offers a central place for managing and playing out product information, but also a highly flexible system that adapts to your product range - not the other way round.

  • Efficient data management
  • More conversions, increased sales and higher customer satisfaction
  • Effective data management with preview editing
  • Omnichannel distribution and product experience management (PXM)

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The Data Competence Center Cities and Regions DKSR

In view of increasingly complex challenges, the use of urban data provides municipalities and municipal companies with the best basis for designing sustainably smart cities and regions: living spaces that offer what their citizens need. Now and in the future.

  • Smart Government
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Health


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Telekom Sustainability Manager: Your solution for ESG compliance from 2025

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Transparent data monitoring

Experience a higher level of transparency in your company. With advanced tools for transparent data monitoring, you get precise insights in real time. This enables you to make well-founded decisions based on complete and unadulterated company data.

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Data-based measure finding

Use data analytics to optimize your business strategies. By analyzing trends, risks can be minimized and opportunities maximized, which can lead to a significant competitive advantage. Avoid risks and maximize opportunities with advanced analytics.

Legal ESG reporting

Bring compliance and transparency into focus in your business activities. With solutions for ESG reporting according to legal regulations, companies can minimize legal risks and position themselves as responsible market participants.