What does your ideal development team look like?

In the dynamic world of IT, the composition of development teams is crucial. The needs naturally change during the course of the project and require an agile approach in several respects.

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Benefit from our know-how in various ways!

Flexible development teams

With our help, you can put together your desired team. The respective expressions in the dimensions "role", "seniority" and "location" offer you maximum flexibility


Depending on the project phase and requirements, you choose exactly the roles your team needs. For example, more designers and architects at the beginning, more software developers and test automators during the project


Choose between very experienced colleagues or those who gain their experience with a lot of ambition and fresh ideas according to your needs and budget


The axxessio Group has suitable resources - also in the nearshoring area. This is an ideal way to take advantage of productivity and cost benefits.

Flexible development teams for your project success - from prototyping to go-live

Our individual software development teams adapt agilely to customer needs - depending on the project phase and requirements

Agile software development taken further with flexible development teams

With a focus on efficiency and results orientation, our flexible development teams offer the agility required in the fast-paced IT world. We understand the dynamics of the market and the changing requirements of our customers. Therefore, we rely on flexible teams that can adapt to ensure the success of our customers in a digital world.

The flexible team composition thus enables us to respond to changing, different project situations and customer needs.

Our tailor-made software development teams offer unique flexibility. The team composition can be adapted agilely during the course of the project in the dimensions of role, seniority level and location of the team members. Handover and knowledge transfer are a matter of course for us.