Image Generation with AI: Our Process

Discover our approach to generating visual content, where we use the latest technological developments to make each image unique

Our process: style definition and image generation

The journey from an initial idea to a visually stunning image is fascinating and complex. Our approach harnesses the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence to optimize this journey. Utilizing Midjourney's Style Tuner, we refine this process by translating abstract concepts into precisely defined visual styles. This structured approach, divided into four clear steps, enables us not only to impress with each creation but also to effectively communicate our vision and message.

The process begins with the formulation of a versatile, but precise initial prompt. This prompt is designed to provide a wide range of interpretation for the style, but still clearly focused on the desired elements such as color scheme, motif, and overall mood. In your case, the prompt was: "a rough sketch on white background, in deep dark blue lining with bright neon green highlights, centered on a white background, conveying abstract ideas related to technology and innovation."

With the initial prompt as a starting point, Midjourney's Style Tuner is used to generate 128 unique stylistic interpretations. This feature allows us to explore the fine nuances of style and precisely define the desired visual language. The Style Tuner provides a comprehensive overview and comparison options of the different style variants.

From the 128 generated images, those that best represent the desired style are selected. This selection procedure lays the foundation for the development of a uniform visual style. The selected images determine the style argument that is used in future prompts to ensure consistency. In this case, the resulting style argument was: "--style 2U19Fanr5DKDKzdqdLnUa8QPF2YAOnOACv95TxMZzp".

After defining the style, the style argument is integrated into the prompts for Midjourney to generate new images. This ensures that all future images consistently reflect the defined style. This ensures a consistent visual identity across different content. An example of such a final prompt is:

/imagine prompt:Rough sketch of A customer rating a digital service with high satisfaction stars | in deep dark blue lining with bright neon green highlights, centered in the center on white background. --style 2U19Fanr5DKDKzdqdLnUa8QPF2YAOnOACv95TxMZzp