Deutsche Telekom


Development of an optimized voice platform for the TV

  • Successful voicification of set-top boxes by connecting the Smart Speaker "Hallo Magenta"
  • Successful integration of Magenta Voice voice control into MagentaTV set-top boxes



The economically and technologically successful, European answer to the Amazon Kindle eReader

  • Development of a competitive eReader in hardware and software including backend infrastructure from prototyping to go-live
  • The tolino product family extends over the tolino eReader, tolino tablet, web reader as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS

Deutsche Post

ZORA: New development of the Deutsche Post AG branch system

Successful migration of over 33,000 clients to a standardised branch system - frontend and backend

  • Extensive analysis of the current architecture 
  • Support in creating the target architecture 
  • Responsibility for the development of all frontend rules
  • Management of the migration across all nationwide locations
  • Joint responsibility for IT architecture and project management as well as test automation

City of Monheim

Smart City App

Citizens in focus: Monheim App simplifies city services

  • Development of a holistic Smart City App for citizen services and information
  • Ideation, business model development and prototyping to validate the concept
  • Successful launch of the Monheim App as a white-label solution

AXA Germany

Website Presence based on CMS

AXA German maximizes online presence with pirobase CMS

  • Customization of websites for various target groups
  • Maintenance & further development of websites

Deutsche Telekom

Moving service

Integration of a voice agent for fully automatic end customer communication

  • Support of technical project management
  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure, architecture and dialogue design (Voice-UX Design)
  • Implementation, testing, go-live

CompuGroup Medical

Development of a comprehensive voice strategy

Innovation through Voice: Strategic setting for the health sector

  • Analysis of the company strategy and market environment for Voice
  • detailed technological architecture as well as support in the development of a voice prototype
  • Prioritization of use cases, business case and roadmap creation

Deutsche Telekom

Sheduling Bot

Handling of telephone appointment arrangements with the help of AI

  • Design and implementation of the dialogues (Voice-UX Design)
  • Establishment of the ML pipeline for continuous improvement
  • Successful integration of partner APIs
  • End-to-end quality management including data protection, GDPR and ethical AI standards


Rigoplan 8.0

Shaping the future of rainwater management with Rigoplan 8.0

  • Fränkische has been committed to ecological rainwater management for over 20 years
  • Redesign as modern, user-friendly desktop and mobile software
  • Results include 5,000+ registrations in the first 6 months and a 53% faster processing in the planning process

CSL Behring

Digital medication control via mobile app

A certified, digital solution for calculating medications for medical professionals

  • Development of a medication management system that meets country-specific CMS requirements
  • Implementation of functions for secure adjustment of data and content
  • Compliance with quality management systems ISO 90001 and ISO 13485 for innovation support at CSL Behring

Deutsche Telekom

Health documentation & appointments with Magenta Voice

Implementation of innovative B2B applications in the voice context

  • Ideation, team assembly and implementation of PoCs for health data documentation or appointment scheduling for doctor appointments
  • Development of a business model and acquisition of B2B customers

ifm group of companies

Intuitive sensor management with the moneo suite

Development of a comprehensive web interface with numerous UI components

  • Need for modern software with diverse user interface options
  • Problems with the previous UI framework are solved by intuitive UX/UI design and transition to Angular
  • The results: 30% faster development time, 60% increased user satisfaction, 25% lower maintenance costs


MVP for pilot projects with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies

Improved treatment outcomes through mobile patient monitoring

  • Development of an app for recording disease symptoms and side effects via smartphones
  • Creation of a cloud-based storage and web portal
  • Long-term partnership for patient monitoring

AWB Aviation

AWB Systems, Tooling GmbH & Co. KG

Enterprise: Full Lifecycle Tool Tracking solution for usage and cost optimization

  • Predictive maintenance for customer-specific tool manufacture in the aviation industry
  • Development of a lifecycle tracking system to address difficulties in tool tracking in factories
  • Result: 30% faster delivery, 60% cost reduction, 25% lower maintenance costs

Herbalife Nutrition

Unleash the ultimate fitness transformation

Seamlessly integrated CRM app for real-time feedback and communication

  • Development of an app for recording disease symptoms and side effects via smartphones
  • Creation of a cloud-based storage and web portal
  • Long-term partnership for patient monitoring


Data Competence Centre for Cities & Regions

Smart cities, clever solutions: Successful Smart City joint venture

  • Joint venture with Deutsche Telekom, axxessio, urban institute and Fraunhofer Society
  • Vision: Improvement of quality of life by using municipal data sources
  • Foundation in 2021 and first customer projects with four cities


IT and Service Catalog in a new look with pirobase CMS and PIM

Efficiency increase and user-friendliness through the switch to pirobase CMS and PIM

  • Management of the IT and Service Catalog
  • Central employee portal for IT assets
  • Result: 30% faster delivery, 60% cost reduction, 25% lower maintenance costs


Administration of global product data

Optimal administration of product information through pirobase PIM

  • Single Point of Truth for global product data
  • Preparation of product data for numerous applications and channels
  • Service – Customizing pirobase PIM


Product data integration via atrify in GDSN, SAP and Pixelboxx

Effective product information management with pirobase PIM as the key to the success of your product strategy

  • Output of product data via atrify in GDSN
  • Seamless connection to SAP and Pixelboxx
  • Service - Customizing pirobase PIM as well as hosting & operation

Stockmeier Group

pirobase PXM: as central management of product data and information

Chemical trade: STOCKMEIER Group centralizes product data management with pirobase PXM

  • Centralization of data maintenance for 26,000 chemical trade and proprietary products
  • After successful feasibility study, the chemical specialist rolls out pirobase to its entire organization in 14 countries
  • Important tool for improving product data quality in the rapidly expanding Stockmeier Group

City of Cologne

imperia CMS for the internet presence and the intranet – The official city portal for Cologne

  • Connection of a multilingual translation solution based on DeepL to imperia CMS
  • Service - Customizing imperia CMS

Siemens Healthineers

Central system for managing product information

Efficient product management and compliance for medical technology manufacturers through PIM and PXM

  • Special application for the sale of complex medical devices
  • Comfortable maintenance of complex product descriptions in PIM via the CMS
  • Service - Customizing PIM and CMS


Optimized customer interactions and flexible content management

imperia CMS enables ARAG efficient content management and optimized customer communication

  • Multisite management for about 20 active clients
  • A uniform template framework allows simple reuse
  • Intranet, extranet and internet scenarios are covered
  • Personalization and syndication
  • Service - Customizing imperia CMS

State of Baden-Württemberg

Efficient client administration through pirobase CMS

Consolidated multi-website management with powerful pirobase CMS

  • Multisite management for about 10 active clients
  • A uniform template framework allows easy reuse
  • Intranet, extranet and internet scenarios are covered
  • Personalization as well as syndication
  • Service - Customizing pirobase CMS

Optimized customer interactions and flexible content management

Efficient management of local information for the networking of providers and seekers through CMS support

  • Foundation for the numerous city portals on
  • Personalized output of content
  • Syndication of various external information into the portal
  • Service - Customizing pirobase CMS


Erfurt Transport Company AG, a business unit of Stadtwerke Erfurt (SWE)

Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction through the customer portal of Stadtwerke Erfurt

  • Management of the end customer websites of Erfurt Transport Company
  • Sale of energy products, customer portal with registration, registration and meter reading reporting
  • Service - Customizing pirobase CMS

Deutsche Leasing

Efficient multisite management through pirobase CMS

Deutsche Leasing operates efficient client management pirobase CMS

  • Uniform template framework (reuse)
  • Intranet, extranet and internet scenarios
  • Personalization and syndication
  • Connection of mobile app
  • Service - Customizing pirobase CMS

City of Berlin

imperia CMS

Relaunch of Success with imperia CMS

  • New design: Mobile-first and accessible
  • Holds up: 150 million annual page views
  • CMS scales: 3,600 editors edit the website


Multilingual presence for DAAD

Multilingual internet presence for DAAD with imperia CMS

  • snoopmedia is a long-standing implementation partner of DAAD
  • Multilingual web design for global presence
  • Modern frontend with Nuxt framework