Machine learning

Machine learning is a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence (AI). With machine learning, IT systems are enabled to draw knowledge from experience and independently find solutions to problems. A machine learning algorithm learns on basis of existing data, which must first be analysed and processed. The fields of application are manifold: Machine learning is used in the financial sector to determine credit default risks, in industry for the early prediction of ideal maintenance times and possible failures, or in the area of voice. We are happy to support you with your next project!

Our services

  • E2E Prototyping / Implementation und Rollout of complex AI solutions
  • Technical integration of AI solutions (e.g. LUIS, Nuance)
  • Technical benchmarking
  • Scouting of technologies in the field of AI

Tech Stack



„Hallo Magenta“ is the magic word that breathe life into the new smart speaker from Deutsche Telekom - Europe's first intelligent speaker. As a longstanding partner and service provider of Deutsche Telekom AG, a team from axxessio actively supported the implementation of the product. With the Smart Speaker you can not only control telecom services such as MagentaTV or Magenta SmartHome via voice recognition, but also play music by shouting, make shopping and to-do lists without pen and paper, dial phone calls with your voice and much more! Data protection is a top priority for the voice assistant: data is only processed within the European Union; namely under the high data protection guidelines of Deutsche Telekom. The Smart Speaker is available on site in the electronics store and online.

Reference projects

SmartVoiceHub (SVH)

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Deutsche Telekom – Magenta TV

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