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Companies' IT security can have gaps that can lead to serious problems. From October 2024, the EU's renewed NIS-2 directive will come into force in Germany, which obliges companies to take cross-hazard security measures such as risk or network analyses in order to improve IT security. Management is also personally liable for this and may face severe fines. A lack of IT security can lead to the loss of business information, financial losses and legal consequences. It is therefore of great importance that companies improve their IT security to avoid these unpleasant consequences.
According to Bitkom statistics, 90% of all companies are affected by cyber attacks, 60% of which are SMEs, and 25% of cyber attacks on SMEs even threaten their existence. Small and medium-sized companies should therefore also take their IT security seriously and take appropriate measures. The German Federal Office for Security recommends that 20% of IT expenditure should be invested in cyber security measures.

At axxessio, we can help you bring your IT security up to date and ensure that it complies with the NIS-2 directive:

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