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ChatGPT technology is changing the way humans and machines interact. Artificial intelligence enables a novel way of accessing and utilising information within the company. This allows companies to access their own and globally available knowledge resources. With a proven approach, the potential of the groundbreaking ChatGPT technology for your company is identified in order to derive commercializable use cases. Harness the potential of artificial intelligence to create a new form of efficient customer interaction.



The Game Changer „ChatGPT“

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world of work. Not only the necessary competencies of employees need to change, but also the processes and tasks of companies. Long-term successful companies adopt technologies early that provide a decisive competitive advantage. ChatGPT is a „Game Changer“ shaping the dialogue between customers and companies in a novel way and making it efficient for both sides. It is possible to develop chatbots and virtual assistants that can handle customer inquiries, support requests and other tasks. The basis is machine learning, which utilises freely available and company-specific information.



Using a proven 4-step program, the use cases that have the greatest potential for the use of ChatGPT are identified. The approach is divided into two sections.


The first part focuses on the basics and potential of OpenAI technology, which forms the basis of ChatGPT. The aim is to develop a common understanding of the following questions:


  • What potential does this technology offer?
  • What are the limits and risks?
  • How is it used by industries and customers?
  • What is needed to implement real use cases?
  • What are the prerequisites for being successful as a data- and cognition-driven company?

In the second part, the use cases are discussed, evaluated and prioritised using the Design Thinking method. The result of the workshop is a short list of possible high-quality application scenarios for the technology and the definition of the next steps for developing the necessary architecture and a prototype.


Examples of use

ChatGPT technology is already being used by numerous companies in the call center sector. In combination with speech recognition, customers can interact with artificial intelligence to answer questions and solve concerns. Any waiting times in the call center are thus reduced, significantly increasing customer satisfaction. Studies show that the use of virtual assistants can relieve call centers by up to 30% and save high costs.

Another strength of the technology is the creation of easily readable texts, with which communication materials can be quickly created. Companies provide the basic information that serves as the basis for automatically generated texts. By continuously updating communication materials, customers can be continuously impressed and convinced.


We know how ChatGPT can be used effectively

axxessio is an established, independent consulting company for digitization strategy and software development, specializing in complete end-to-end project management from the first idea with market-relevant strategic analyses to product development and market launch. axxessio has 7 years of experience in AI and Conversational AI.

Today's high-end topics such as Voicification, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and Cloud are part of axxessio's competence portfolio. In addition, axxessio also supports customers in "classic" or "mixed" technology and strategy projects.


Use the potential of ChatGPT - we are happy to advise you!

We support you in using the potential of ChatGPT in your company. To ensure quick added value, we develop an MVP for your company.

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