axxessio Insights – Inside METAVERSE

17.01.2024 | Digital Innovation


Many have heard of it. Some are talking about it. Some have already been there. The METAVERSE is here to stay. New trends and technologies are part of our DNA. Our aim is to understand new technologies and use them as effectively as possible for our customers.

The METAVERSE is more than a virtual space. It enables users to start a dialogue in an interactive form. The added value of METAVERSE lies not in the technology, but in the implementation of individual use cases. This is where axxessio's strength lies. We listen and identify the use cases where METAVERSE provides added value. The basis is the experiencing and "digital understanding" of content, which can thus be communicated more sustainably.


Possible areas of application can be derived from this:

  • Sales: The digital economy can use the metaverse to offer new products and services tailored to the needs and preferences of users. Customers experience products in a personalized digital world. The dialogue between sellers and buyers takes place virtually, but still personally.
  • Education: The METAVERSE can be used for education to present learning content in an interactive and vivid way. The Metaverse promotes the motivation, commitment and creativity of learners. The "onboarding" of new employees in a company is an elaborate and resource-intensive phase. With the METAVERSE, this phase can be reduced, made more sustainable and thus more cost-effective. The added value lies not only with the employees, who can apply the learned content faster, but also with the company, as it can carry out training more efficiently.
  • Processes: Many companies can use the METAVERSE to optimize processes, save resources and improve quality. Experiencing and virtually going through processes opens up a new perspective that brings optimizations to light. The METAVERSE networks machines, data and people.

Two application examples from the industry:

  • The automotive industry uses the METAVERSE to develop, test and present new vehicle models. The involved engineers work in a collaborative form, which also allows them to involve customers more easily in development steps.
  • The construction industry experiences a new form through the METAVERSE to present new objects to interested parties. Customers walk through the future property in digital space and get an almost realistic impression of what the living feeling will be like in the future.


These are just a few examples of the added value of METAVERSE. Of course, there are also challenges and risks associated with the METAVERSE, such as data protection, security or ethical issues. Axxessio's holistic approach ensures that all concerns are addressed to exploit the potential of METAVERSE.

Axxessio has a proven approach to represent use cases in METAVERSE. The basis is axxessio's years of experience from numerous projects on interaction between humans and machines. Our know-how in the field of speech recognition provides the optimal basis for representing interactions in METAVERSE, where voice control is an essential component. Together with our partner ROOOM, we implement virtual worlds in a tailor-made manner.


In summary, the METAVERSE offers an exciting future perspective for the digital transformation of our world.

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